cricket India Indian Cricket - Taking It To The Next Level

cricket India Indian Cricket - Taking It To The Next Level
Posted on 2020-12-23

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Indian Cricket 

The Show Must Go On

The New Delhi pitch fiasco had added one more dimension to the craze called Indian cricket. In a land where cricket pitches are made for runs and for entertaining big crowds one of them brought the game to an abrupt end live cricket online.
From the very beginning the ball had been doing things. It had been rising from good length spot, it had been skidding and it had been hitting the batsmen most of the time. It was becoming ominous for the Sri Lankans and no captain of modern day cricket could risk getting his players injured due to the ever heavy schedule of international matches cricket india
So, finally after 23 overs Sri Lanka skipper walked into the field and reported the matter to the umpires. The match referee was called in. Indian skipper joined in too cricket india Deliberations went on for a long time. And, the match was abandoned as the conclusion was arrived at that the pitch was under prepared and dangerous for a good game of cricket.

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To the horror of the forty thousand eager crowd in the stadium. To the horror of cricket lovers from all over the globe. To the horror of officials of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) live cricket online.
Such an eventuality in the national capital of cricket crazy India was just out of the blue. The disappointed crowd started howling and nearly went on a rampage. The DDCA promptly announced refund of all ticket money cricket india The BCCI promptly disbanded its pitch committee. The DDCA officials started submitting resignation letters. The media, cricket experts and all cricket lovers lampooned the BCCI officials calling it a national shame. The international media too took up the cudgels against the richest cricket Board of the world live cricket online.

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Strict action from the International Cricket Council (ICC) was anticipated leading to possible loss of World Cup 2011 games for Delhi live cricket online.
The outrage continued cricket india At the general meeting of the DDCA the officials argued and fought openly. One ex cricketer who was an office bearer came crying to the media alleging manhandling.
The inherent dilemmas of Indian cricket came to the fore cricket being no longer just a game. Cricket had become an entertainment industry with huge financial stakes. One day shows with fifty overs each and three hour shows with twenty overs each. The shows needed dramatic moments. So, dry pitches became a must for guaranteeing maximum hits to the and over the fence. Bowlers were reduced to just shot providers. But, there were other issues too live cricket online.
Team India needed to win so that the coffers remained jingling. As long as Team India won consistently the hysterical crowds ensured that. To make them win some pitches needed to be doctored to suit the home team.
Then, test cricket must also be squeezed to yield maximum returns. Dry pitches would kill it. Some pitches became a necessity that ensured results and results in favor of the home team. So many Indian captains complained due to presence of grass on the pitch or some other elements that did not suit the home team and so many international captains complained too for contrary reasons cricket india

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